Sessions 2021-2022

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Computers make
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October 5, 2021

S.O. Bondarenko (SPbSU)
Motion of a horizontal dynamically unbalanced rotor in gravitational field.
A horizontal dynamically unbalanced rotor motion is considered. The motion equations of two systems are obtained: with two-plane automatic ball balancer and without it. Two rotor models are designed in MATLAB Simulink base on simplyfied equation systems for numerical solution. The whirling amplitude equations are obtained analytically for a rotor rotating at constant angular speed. The gravity is taken into account. Numerical and analytical results are compared.
Sergei O. Bondarenko – first year master student of the Department of theoretical and applied mechanics at St. Petersburg State University. Research area - rotordynamics. Scientific supervisior - Asso.Prof. A. S. Kovachev.