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Session 246

May 18, 2021

A. Samsonov (SPbSU)
Experimental study of high-speed deformation processes at the mesoscopic level in solids under shock loading.
The results of an experimental study of the dynamic loading of the D16 aluminum alloy using a gas gun and a theoretical description of the plastic wave front using dislocation concepts about the nature of plastic deformation are presented in the report. The key part of the research is the experiment on loading an aluminum target with a flat striker and recording the velocity of the rear surface of the target using an interferometer. The setting up of the experiment and its features are discussed in detail.
Alexei Samsonov – 2nd year PhD student of the Department of Physical Mechanics at St. Petersburg State University. Research area - ... Scientific supervisor - Prof. V.A. Morozov. – Антивирус, антиспам, неограниченный объем почтового ящика, бесплатный хостинг, бесплатное хранилище для обмена файлами, отправка сообщений от других почтовых систем, мобильная почта, SMS почта.