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Session 244

April 13, 2021

D.E. Babin'kin (SPbSU)
Numerical modeling of unsteady water flow in a channel with an obstacle
The purpose of this work is to calculate the flow of water in a channel with an obstacle. Such calculations are necessary for subsequent use as input data for the vibroacoustic problem. To perform these tasks, the open source software package OpenFOAM is used. Based on the analysis of the obtained pressure distributions, the influence of an obstacle on the flow of liquid in such channels is investigated, the nature of the occurrence of vortices, possible areas of their occurrence, areas with the lowest and highest values of pressure and velocity are determined.
Dmitry E. Babin'kin – 1st year Master student of the Department of Hydroaerodynamics at St. Petersburg State University. Research area - numerical hydrodynamics. Scientific supervisor - Asso. Prof. A.G. Karpenko. – Антивирус, антиспам, неограниченный объем почтового ящика, бесплатный хостинг, бесплатное хранилище для обмена файлами, отправка сообщений от других почтовых систем, мобильная почта, SMS почта.